rNetworks - High Speed Wireless Internet
rNetworks - High Speed Wireless Internet

Our Technology

rNetworks Internet uses wireless technology to bring high speed internet to you. We have internet equipment mounted on cell towers, water tanks, and other locations to beam an internet connection to you “wirelessly”.  The process to get our internet service is simple.

  1. Call us @ (830) 580-3278 to verify we can serve your location
  2. Schedule an appointment for installation
  3. We come over and install a small dish on the side of your house and aim it at one of our towers. From the dish we run a CAT5 cable into the house and plug into your computer or a wireless router provided by customer.
  4. We will configure the internet connection and ensure it works properly before we leave. We will also help you connect any devices such as laptops, IPADs etc., if needed.
  5. No Contracts – No Limits – No Hassles.

At rNetworks Internet, we work hard to provide our customers with great internet backed by fanatical customer service. The money our customers spend with us gets put back into the network in the form of new sites, more bandwidth, and faster, more reliable equipment. We have many sites under construction and will never stop improving and growing our network. We appreciate everyone that has supported us from day one and if you ever need anything we are just a phone call away.

rNetworks Internet goes the extra distance for rural Texas customers.
This site required a helicopter to transport our equipment to a remote mountain top.
These customers were very happy with their new Internet service
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